The Rules of Self Discipline (& why I break them all!)

Hi there! Happy Monday to you 🙂 These past few weeks I have been busily working on my blog/ site and really trying hard to get myself into a routine that allows me to make the most out of my day, to be my most “productive”. Eghh, I am really starting to dislike that word. To me it has become one of those really annoying buzz words, that implies huge rewards, both personal and physical, should you master it. So I say no more!!!!

I have come from a background of going to school, then going to college, then to a steady(ish) 9 to 5.30pm job, a background where everything was nicely planned out, time was allocated and deadlines had to be met. I hated it. But alas most habits, even if they are bad ones, are hard to break, and at the moment I am really struggling with the guilt of not starting my work day at 9am, not working for four hours before I take a break, and (some days) not having anything to show for my day.

So what’s to be done?! To the internet………

A quick google search on “how to be more productive” will throw up thousands of results (24,500,000 to be exact) and the same can be said for “how to develop self discipline” and you will no doubt find, as I have, that most are repeated over and over again in various ways, and most are common sense; schedule tasks, create a routine, keep track of your progress, cut out outside distractions, etc. etc.  And there in lies my problem; the second I feel forced into doing anything (i.e sticking to a time table, doing a specific task on a specific day at a specific day) I rebel, even if it’s just against my self! So I wind up not doing much (that will really show me who’s boss) and not being “productive” and the whole gosh darn cycle starts again 😦

No RulesToday though is a momentous day friends, today the cycle ends! *Hurrah!!!* Today I am going to fully embrace the fact that what works for most (i.e the rules) doesn’t work for me, and that is 100% ok, because in life it’s about finding what works for you, and even if that is a million  miles away from what works for 99% of people, so long as you get the job done (and don’t harm anyone, yourself included, in the process) then more power to you Sir!

“So Heather” I hear you ask, “what does work for you?” Thank you so much dear reader for asking me that! (I was secretly hoping you would!) Well I am still figuring that out. I have an outline of what I would like my days/ life to be like and now I am starting to colour in-between the lines. (going against my rebel instinct I know, but hey what can I say, I am an enigma!) The biggest thing is staying in the present moment; something that sounds so simple to do, but isn’t, but I find it works and makes everything so much more enjoyable. So now when I am working on something, I try really hard to focus only on that task and not get distracted……….*hey look a dog…..* Sorry! Guess I need to work on my mindfulness skills some more!

Another tip that I find works for me is not waiting until “the perfect moment” to start something, or do something, cause (I am slowly learning) that perfect moment may never come, and the pain of feeling stuck is greater than the pain of taking that first step, as Tina Fey once said “Say Yes, and you will figure it out afterward.” So from now on that is going to be my motto 🙂

And there ya have it folks. A brand new week, and I am off to have an idea of what I want to get done, try my best, take each day as it comes, celebrate little advances and hey, if all I get done in a day is a blog post rambling on about why I don’t like routines and schedules, then that’s not so bad 🙂