It’s hip to be square!

Hey there! Happy Friday to you 🙂

This week has been spent getting to grips with the infamous *drum roll please* Granny Square!!! I am still relatively new to crochet, and if I am being honest have only really mastered the double / single crochet stitch (it being the most used in amigurumi), but ever since I first picked up my crochet hook, those two little words have been popping up, on and off, over and over …. and over again. So this week when it popped up again I decided to catch it! Here’s what happened…..

IMG_1768 This was my very fist attempt! Being used to working in a circle, I got the hang of the first round pretty easily. However when I (rather clumsily) changed colour and made it round to my last corner, well I got a little confused 😦 So back to the start I went, re-read the instructions again a few times, and took another crack at it.


And this is how my second attempt turned out! There are a few mistakes, but for a second go I am very pleased with it 🙂 Spurred on by my new knowledge I decided to get a bit wild! and try my hand at a hexagonal motif…..


I have read so much how addictive making these can become and now I totally get why! It’s so much fun, the colour combinations are endless and it’s quick (once you master the stitches) and easy!

Reading is one thing, but I really learn by doing, and slowly I am getting to grips with the technical construction of these old favorites. I am really looking forward to putting my own stamp on some motifs and designing my first piece. But that’s a while away yet! For now I am happy to learn some more, and practice, practice, practice!

How about you? How do you feel about Granny Squares, are they outdated or a technique to be treasured? Have you any tips and tricks for making them? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject 🙂 I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will talk to you on Monday 🙂

P.S. Sorry about the poor image quality, I am currently saving for a new camera and learning all the tips and tricks so I will be able to put it to good use when I get it 🙂