Hello Sept……SmileforSeptember :)

Goodbye August, welcome September!September Collage

I can’t believe it is September already, where has the time gone?! I have always liked this time of year; there’s a certain freshness about it, nature is busy preparing for the winter months and the leaves are preparing to put on their annual colour show. It’s the time of year when harvests are brought in and children head back to face another school year. You know the harsh months of winter are ahead, but it’s ok because you will be given everything you need to get you through, and the promise of Spring is your reward.

Following on from last weeks post about not setting hard and fast deadlines for myself, today I have been thinking alot about what I would like to achieve in September, and how to really enjoy the month. Lately everyday seems to be blending into one, and time is just whizzing by, I don’t like that 😦 I am a big believer in staying positive, not for the reason of attracting the things you would like into your life, but only because I want to live my life feeling happy and upbeat, rather than down and miserable (although those emotions have their place too, everything in balance). Some days this is a real struggle. I have read alot of books, listened to a lot of talks, and tried a lot of different techniques, but I have found that constant practice can be difficult. So I want to change that. I want to make September my SmileforSeptember (see what I did there!) and I invite you to come along with me.

Ok, so honestly I am making this up as I go along (so bear with me!) but here’s what I am thinking; Everyday for one month I am going to post something on my site that makes me smile; it might be a quote, a YouTube clip, a drawing, a photo…..there are no limits (but keeping it clean and unoffensive of course!) If you are aware of, or have completed (as I have, yay!) the 100 Happy Days Challenge, then you will be familiar with the concept I am aiming for 🙂 Also if you have read any book about positive thinking or the law of attraction you will also be super familiar with this idea, but I want to strip it right back. I want to just take one thing, no matter how big or small, that makes me smile, and share it, not for the promise of getting anything in return, but only for the simple reason of taking a few minutes everyday for one month to acknowledge the day, to deliberately seek out a reason to smile and to share it in the hopes of passing on the good vibes and  hopefully maybe making someone else smile too 🙂 That thought makes me smile! (see it’s working already!)

Ok, so as I said I am just typing what is coming out of my cranium here, so next step I guess would be a sharing platform? Never having done anything like this before I am thinking a # would work? And I am thinking Twitter and Instagram would be the best platforms? So how about if you too would like to acknowledge and celebrate September and all the happiness it will bring that you use the #SmileforSeptember on any post 🙂 Or if you would prefer to just post on your blog/ website, feel free to send me the link (moonofarann@gmail.com) or comment on this post, so that I can see all the wonderful things that make you smile too 🙂 Feel free to tag me on Instagram, or Twitter, or even post to the Moon of Árann Facebook page, whatever you like best, whatever floats your boat 🙂 (links to profiles are in sidebar!)

Wow! Ok this is not what I had intended this post to be about at all! It has taken on a life of it’s own and I love that 🙂 One more positive step forwards to just “going with the flow” eh! 🙂 I genuinely feel a lot brighter now, just after writing this post! So whether you decide to join me or not, I hope this September turns out to be your best SmileforSeptember and that the days to come are filled with simple, happy moments that make you smile and brighten up your day. 🙂


Hello SmileforSeptember!!!