Now where did I put…..

Happy Friday! It being Friday, today I would like to quickly discuss something crafty 🙂 Sound good? Okey dokey then let’s have at it!

Organizing is what you do before you doThis week I went back to the drawing board and had another crack at designing my amigurumi badger. Since coming up with the concept, I have decided to make a few small changes and such, but figured that, seen as I had already worked out the hardest bit (his head) the rest would be a doddle. Well it would have been, if  ( and that’s a big if) if I could only find my gosh darn notes 😦 I found all the other notes and sketches I have ever made for all of my designs to date, I found all the initial drafts of Mr. Badger, but alas I cannot find the one vital page that has the final pattern on it.

Bert Design Collage

So what’s a girl to do? Well go right back to the start again, and, this is the most important bit; learn from this experience! Now that I am starting to gather together a few designs and such I am really starting to appreciate the importance of being organised.  So from now on I will be more organised with my notes 🙂 All in all though it was a good thing, as I learned a lesson and also was able to really concentrate on my design and perhaps improve a little from the previous one. So it’s all good! I am really looking forward to working some more on Mr. Badger, and bringing him to life, so that he can help bring the magical world of Árann to life too!

So that’s it, another week down, lessons learned and a new month started. I hope this week you learned something positive too and that you have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

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