8th September / Happy Monday!

Hello! I hope everyone is well after the weekend. Did you have a nice one? Today being Monday, I decided to double up my #SmileforSeptember post with my usual Monday post, lazy or efficient??? Like most things in life it all depends on your perspective I guess!

So I started posting something everyday (I realise that I posted the weekends subjects today, that being because I try to limit my on-line activity at the weekend) that made me smile in an attempt to raise my positive vibes and take a few minutes everyday to acknowledge the day and I am pleased to report that so far it is going well! I have definitely  seen a small, but measurable rise in my general good vibe-e-ness (technical term) and am looking forward to continuing it throughout the month.8th September

Today it is the turn of an old ale bottle that I bought in a car boot sale (flea market) a few weeks back, and some sweet peas from my garden. I love old bottles and this one is from the Clonakilty Wine, Spirit and Beer Co, and is dated 1914. I think that is so cool 🙂 I love to imagine all the hands that the bottle has passed through during it’s life time, or what the life was like for the person who drank the ale it contained.

I think it makes the perfect addition to my desk, and just looks lovely with some sweet peas in it! The fragrance from the sweet peas is really magical and together they have made me smile today every time I have looked at them 🙂 Good work guys!