I will finish this!

Hey! Happy Friday to you 🙂 It is Friday so that means a craft related post! (I can hear the cheers from here, you are all very kind!) Embroidery. That’s a fun word to say, isn’t it? Em…broi…dery. See, fun! I love embroidery. I think it is so delicate and for me always conjures up images of a lady in a flowing dress sitting on a sunlit window seat, busily embroidering whilst every now and then stealing glances out of the aforementioned window, in the hopes of seeing a dashing young man, come galloping up the pebble drive on his trusty steed, ready to declare his undying love for said lady, and whisk her away to a life of romance and comic misunderstandings. *Le sigh* ……Or is that just me?! (Yes I have watched the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice one too many times).

Anyways, back in the real world, as I said I love embroidery, but to my shame I have never finished a project 😦 Oh the shame! Granted I have only ever really started two embroidery projects, but still. So today I got out my pencil and paper and came up with a quick design. The drawing was the easy bit, what took the longest was trying to digitize it. I did in the end scrape together some kind of decent looking image and I am giving myself a week to start and complete this piece. I intend to use a 7inch square of white cotton that I got in my local fabric shop, and just the embroider the design onto it, for funsiesEmbroidery Design Collage

I wanted to use a butterfly as the base, and the geometric shapes kind of just evolved from the initial sketch. Kind has an art decco feel to it, me thinks, which is kinda nifty! The inside square is 6inch with a 1inch border, which I may or may not trim when it’s done.

I will be using 100% mercerised cotton thread in orange, yellow, red and purple. I will be using a satin stitch for the wings, with a fishbone stitch for the center part (butterfly anatomy isn’t my strong subject…..wanders off to google it…oh apparently it’s in two parts, the thorax and abdomen, huh, ya learn something new everyday!) and a simple split stitch for the antennae ( I knew that part 🙂 )  I will use an 18cm embroidery hoop… and I think that’s it! Oh, and a simple No. 7 embroidery needle.

Butterfly Butterfly_Colour

So here goes my first attempt at designing and then completing an embroidery piece 🙂 If you would like to try this design too, let me know and I will upload it as a pdf download 🙂 Also if anyone has some tips on the best way to digitize a hand drawn image / format an embroidery pattern (without using Photoshop, it’s not in the budget a.t.m) I would really love to hear them 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend, talk to you on Monday 🙂