24th & 25th September

Hey hey! Another double post today for my #SmileforSeptember. Apologies, normal service will return tomorrow!

24th SeptemberYesterday I went for a Reiki treatment and so, wanted to stay away from technology i.e. my laptop as I find spending too long on it drains me at the best of times. I really like Reiki. It’s gentle and soothing and I always get something positive out of it. Taking time out, clearing some energy and making a commitment to move forwards with my life really made me smile today (i.e. yesterday!)


Today I have acted on that commitment to move forwards! I took a little risk 26th Septemberand whether it pays off or not I am glad I did it. They say that you will always regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did, but boy howdy is it scary to take those risks! I have started off small though, and hopefully will progress to bigger and better with time! (do I hear sky-dive…….NO…..but maybe one day!) So even though I am a nervous wreck, I am a nervous wreck in the best possible way! He who dares wins!!! And if that isn’t something to smile about then what is?!

P.S Wondering why I am posting things everyday that make me smile? Well wonder no more! Read all about it here 🙂