Being Open!

Hello! Happy Friday to you 🙂 This week I have been working on an idea that I had last weekend; my very first shawl / poncho / wrap design! (I haven’t finalised the details yet) My initial design has lead me to learning and pretty much falling in love with a new area of crochet….Open Work! Maybe it’s because of my construction background, but I love the grid format of open work. Throw in a design and I love it even more!






The process of open work in crochet is straight forward and it works up quickly, however the biggest issue I have run into so far with this piece is gauge 😦 I have already unraveled three failed attempts. I have checked back over my calculations and design and everything seems to be ok in those areas, so I am thinking it could be user error! I have started from scratch again this morning, carefully checking my measurements as I go this time, and so far so good. I am trying to keep my chains relaxed and uniform and of course uniform tension too. So wish me luck for the fourth time 🙂 The piece doesn’t have to fit exact dimensions for what I have in mind, but I would like to get it as close as possible. I am using a 100% acrylic yarn in a cream shade for the mock ups, but haven’t decided on what colour the finished piece will be yet.

Hopefully today will be the day I become unstuck in this design and take a step forwards. Wouldn’t that be a nice way to end the week?

Hope everybody has a great weekend and I will talk to you on Monday 🙂


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