Foxy Friday!

Hello! Happy Friday to you all! Are you looking forward to your weekend? This week I have spent some time working on one of two projects I am currently developing at the moment; FoxGloves 🙂 A fingerless crochet glove, with a fox motif and it. Hopefully as time progress’s my naming skills will improve! The nature of this project requires working with tapestry crochet, a process which I am not mad about, but when done properly can produce some pretty nifty designs.

For those of you not familiar with the process it involves working with usually two colours of yarn at the same time, alternating between each colour to achieve a pattern. The non-working yarn is carried along the top of the working stitches. This poses some problems, namely the non-working yarn peeking through the stitches. It can sometimes also be difficult to keep the colour changes clean and to achieve clean edges on the piece. One process I find helps with these problems is every other row, keeping the non-working yarn to the front of the piece. This helps to give a very clear right and wrong side. Obviously if both sides of the piece will be on show, then this won’t be of much help 😦

Here is one prototype which I stitched up. The colours won’t be the same for the finished piece, but I am really liking this colour combination and hope to use it in my next project.


This is the “Right Side” A few little mistakes but for a prototype I am happy with how it turned out!


This is the “Wrong Side” As you can see it is clearly the side that needs to be hidden!

So there you have it! Slow progress, but progress none the less. I wish you a very happy weekend and I will talk to you on Monday! 🙂