The Shortest Day!

Hello! Happy Friday and Happy Christmas to you 🙂 Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year...the 21st of December.… the shortest day! It’s the shortest day and the longest night, but from that day onwards, we are slowly (and it is very slowly at first) moving back towards the light and brighter and warmer weather. I love the symbolism of the day; in the deepest darkest time of winter, there is a ray of light and hope, a sign and reminder that everything is in constant motion, everything changes and everything in time passes.

21st DecemberHere in Ireland it was a very special day for the ancient Celts, and at a passage tomb in County Meath, at a place called Newgrange the most magical thing happens. When the sun rises on the morning of the 21st of December it’s rays slowly make their way in through the specially constructed opening at the entrance to the tomb, and creep onwards and downwards, until they eventually illuminate the tiny chamber at the back of the tomb. Some years ago I had the honor of visiting this magical place, and while the experience was a simulated one, it was truly one of the most special moments of my life so far. For those few seconds, while standing in a tiny stone chamber, in complete darkness, and witnessing the light slowly advancing towards me until eventually, everything was completely lit up, I got it. The importance of light, of hope, of life and death and our connection to those who have passed before. I can only imagine what life was like for the builders of that enchanting place, what their hopes and dreams were or what triumphs and victories they experienced. From that moment onwards I truly felt the importance and significance of this special day in the heart of winter.

So for that reason and some others, I am really looking forward to Sunday 🙂 However you spend the Solstice, whatever you do or whoever you do it with, I hope that you have fun, that you are safe and that most of all you get to experience the hope and light that that day brings 🙂