The #1 thing I couldn’t crochet without…

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….when crocheting in the round!!! I felt it was important to get that in early! Crocheting in the round is pretty straight forward right? I mean you usually just go around and around and around etc. Maybe you add a few stitches here or decrease by a few stitches there, that’s cool, I’m down with that. But what happens, and I am almost afraid to say this out loud … *whispers* … if you forget / don’t keep track of what round you are on??? WHATEVER WILL BECOME OF US! *pretend faints a la Mrs. Bennet.*

Ok that might all sound a wee bit over dramatic, or completely insane, especially if a) you don’t have a clue what crocheting in the round is, or b) you don’t have a clue who Mrs. Bennet is. I’ve got both accounts covered… for answer a) simply click here and for answer b) simply click here 🙂 All caught up? Super!

When I was learning how to crochet, to say I was obsessive about keeping tack of where I was in the pattern would be an understatement. I always had my trusty pen and paper beside me, ticking off rounds as I went, and heaven help anyone who should try to talk to me while I was in the process of counting stitches. *Note to anyone trying to start a conversation with a beginner crocheter* all attempts at conversation while in the process of counting stitches will only be met by louder counting!

To all you beginner’s out there, it does get easier, and now I can stitch and count and watch tv and talk to someone and do the washing up and fix my hair and…. well that may be a slight exaggeration, but it does really get easier to keep track of where you are at and also to get into the rhythm of a pattern, so much so, most of the time you will usually be able to anticipate what is coming next. Like a crochet ninja if you will. You won’t? Ok.

To circle right back to the start of this long and rambley post, the one thing I couldn’t crochet (in the round) without is … da da da da da daaaaaaa….


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This humble little hair accessory is my go to when crocheting in the round, always has been, always will be. As with most things in this modern world, there are numerous ways and options out there for us crocheters to mark the end of one round and the beginning of another, and sometimes, especially when just starting out, the choice can be overwhelming. So why invest in a fancy stitch marker when you probably have tons of these simple beauties lying around the house? And if they are not your bobby pins, chances are you are in very close proximity to someone who is in possession of said pin. I think there is probably a statistic on that, you know, like how you are never more than 6ft away from a rat….but I digress.

To sum up, bobby pins make awesome stitch markers for anyone crocheting in the round. Just be sure to use fairly good quality ones, that have rounded edges, otherwise you will snag your work and we do not want that, that would bring on another fainting spell 😦 Also while on the topic, I only recently was told that you should insert your bobby pins with the ridge side facing towards your head!!! To say my mind was blown was an understatement! All these years wasted on incorrect bobby pin insertion! WHAT WILL BECOME OF US!

Have a great day 🙂


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