Hello and happy Friday fellow humans 🙂 I hope this day finds you well! Just recently I had the good fortune of being able to visit Estonia; a beautiful country in Northern Europe, and I thought today I would share some of my memories of the trip with you 🙂


Stork! These beautiful birds are a common sight in Estonia and I was really captivated by them. It was a real novelty seeing them way up in their colossal nests or prancing around on the ground searching for lunch 🙂

Old Town Viljandi

Charming Viljandi. Some of the streets and buildings are straight off a chocolate box!  There are cobbled streets, ancient oak trees and a really peaceful vibe to the town, making it easy to see why Viljandi won the title of “Undicovered Treasure in Europe” in 2008. Viljandi is situated on three hilltops which afford excellent views down to ……

Lake Viljandi

Lake Viljandi! Apart from it’s obvious picturesque nature, the story of the Viljandi boatman really captured my imagination and heart. The story tells of a boatman who fell in love with the blue eyes of a beautiful girl during a boat trip and, expecting to meet her again, is still longingly rowing on the lake. So romantic! Another thing Viljandi is famous for is ….

Viljandi Folk

… the Viljandi Folk Music Festival! This was so much fun. There were so many cool people just hanging out, soaking up the atmosphere, not to mention the food, beautiful crafts and of course the music. I have been a fan of world music for a long time now, and it was great to experience it in the flesh, so to speak, and also to discover some new artists along the way!


And what is a trip without treats! Yummy, yummy treats 🙂 This buckwheat and mascarpone roulade was definitely one of the food highlights of the trip for me 🙂 And to wash it down, some Prince Vladamir black tea, which with flavours of orange, lemon, vanilla, grapefruit and spices was one of the nicest teas I have ever drunk. Mouth watering 🙂

Bog Shoeing

Of course after all that eating some exercise was called for! And what better way to work off all that cake than by bog shoeing in Soomaa National Park?! There are five large bogs in total at Soomaa, making it the perfect place to hone my bog shoeing skills 🙂 Soomaa is also home to many native animals including deer, moose, beavers, wolves, lynx and bears but thankfully our paths didn’t cross on that particular day! Another cool feature of Soomaa is it’s fifth season; this is a time, usually in April or May, when all the low lying ground becomes completely flooded by melting snow and ice water, and the only water to get around is by boat! Speaking of water, that brings me onto my final and most memorable experience in Estonia

Leigo Lake Festival

The Leigo Lake Music Festival! What a spectacular event this was, and definitely a brilliant end to my trip. The festival is held every year on the lands of Leigo and plays host to some of Europe’s finest musical talent. This year I had the pleasure of  witnessing Šedrik; Ukraine’s most famous youth choir, the music of Arvo Pärt, performed by three members of the Järvi family; Estonia’s most famous musical family and the finale of the evening, Kalevi Kiviniemi, an internationally renowned organ player from Finland.  While the music itself was enchanting, nothing could surpass the magnificent and ethereal surroundings. Bonfires, floating candles and light displays provided a surreal backdrop to the beautifully lit stage, which itself was situated on a little island on the lake; the combined effects of these elements gave an experience that is among one of the most treasured of my life so far.

So there it is folks, the fruit of my travels! Now it’s back home and back to work, and I couldn’t be more excited about whats to come 🙂 Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Happy crocheting! See you next time!