Natural Inspiration from Attic24

Hey there and happy Monday to you 🙂 One of the biggest things for anyone that creates is finding inspiration and motivation to do so. Sometimes inspiration can come in the most unexpected moments or items, and sometimes it can come without you really noticing, sneaky little thing 🙂 There is however one constant source of inspiration for me, and that is the natural world. Whether it is the beautiful tones of an autumn leaf, the texture of an animals coat or the simple practicality of needing to wrap up warm against Mother Nature’s frequently changing moods, the natural world never fails to inspire, motivate and even sometimes overwhelm me with it’s beauty and elegance.

A Cinnnabar moth; an example of nature's beauty and inspiring simplicity.

A Cinnnabar moth; an example of nature’s beauty and inspiring simplicity.

Following along those lines, today I would like to share a blog post from a well know crochet artist Attic24. I love how Lucy explains in this post the entire process of creating her Harmony Blanket, from the very beginning to it’s completion. What really captured my imagination however was how she discovered and chose the colours for the blanket, drawing on the colours of the natural world around her, incorporating them and letting them change and evolve with each passing season, so that as she says herself, “they tell a story of early Summer.”

Knowing the inspiration and story behind a piece gives it so much more depth and dimension, I feel. Thanks to Lucy for sharing her inspiration and process and in turn passing on the motivation to go outside, take a wander and let your creativity go where it will 🙂

You can read all about Lucy’s Harmony Blanket and the inspiration behind it, by clicking here.

Happy crocheting! See you next time!