On the hook!

Helllllllooooo!!! Happy Wednesday! So sometimes you just gotta rip it, rip it real good 🙂

And it  looks like I am going to have to rip it again 😦  Oh well, what’s worth doing is worth doing right, right?! I have however taken the hint and have been experimenting a little with some acrylic yarn from my stash.

Red Yarn

Patience, as they say is a virtue, and I guess I gotta be more virtuous when it comes to designing, but gosh darn it, I’m just so excited to see the finished project 🙂

Meanwhile I have rediscovered a classic tune, perfect for crocheting to…..

Maybe I  need something more mellow to work to…..nah…. biddy biddy bop, funky funky🙂

Happy crocheting! See you next time!


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