About Me

Everything seems impossible until it is done. “

-Nelson Mandela

This is me!


A very hearty “Hello” to you! It is very nice to make your acquaintance. If you have been taking a wander around my little corner of the interwebs, you will have probably guessed by now that I dig crochet, in fact you might even go as far as to say I love crochet! And you’d be right 🙂 I think crochet is pretty darn nifty indeed!! But as the not so well known saying goes, “Man & woman cannot survive on crochet alone” so here are some other things that I love and bring a little sparkle to my world 🙂





  • I love nature and I love to be outside! I love where I live and I love walking in the Irish countryside and mountains.
  • I love silly things. I love random things and I love to daydream!

Random and Silly








Books and Music



  • I love music. I really love music. It is my constant companion and my best friend. It always knows exactly what to say to make a good day awesome and a sad day better 🙂
  • I love lists!!!
  • I love to read! Books are awesome, they just are! I collect bookmarks and I am a notebook and stationary fiend!



And there it is, me in a nutshell! If you would like to read more about crochet you can do so by clicking here. Like to know about my design philosophy?! Then why not click here?! And sure, while you are here, why not browse some patterns here or read all about the magical world of Arann here! And you can also come and talk to me on social media by clicking here! Phew! 🙂


Have a great day 🙂