Snow is on the way!

Winter’s Here!

Happy Wednesday! December is here 🙂 Winter is here 🙂 And do you know who else is here? … The Snow Fairy that’s who!!! The Snow Fairy, or “Snow” to her friends is just so excited that her most favorite season of the year has finally arrived 🙂

Amigurumi Snow Fairy

Sunshine and Unicorns!

Nelson the Unicorn Amigurumi

Is there a better combination than Unicorns and sunshine?! Nelson loves this time of year; the colourful leaves, the crisp air and of course the autumn sunshine 🙂 He was out and about in Arann enjoying all three today 🙂 What’s your favorite thing about autumn?

Throw Back Thursday! Free Amigurumi Bunny Pattern!

Hi and hello 🙂 Today I am throwing it back to a little video I made to introduce a shy little bunny rabbit into the world; Fudge 🙂 The video was a spontaneous thing, but I am actually quite happy with how it turned out 🙂 Fudge is a free pattern, so if you like the look of him simply click here!

Happy Thursday! 

It’s rainy!

So Bertie the Badger didn’t really want to go outside in the rain today, but never fear Nelson the Unicorn was here 🙂 So they borrowed one of my umbrellas and headed off for a rainy day adventure 🙂 I just hope my umbrella comes back in one piece!

Crochet Badger + Unicorn

Ready for his close up!

Gosh darn it, Unicorns are so vain, aren’t they? How vain are they? Well, they are so vain they probably think this song is about them 🙂 (little musical reference there!) Nelson insisted on looking through all of the photos on my camera, just to see, and approve any shots of him! Unicorn’s eh?!

Nelson the Unicorn_Crochet