What to expect!

” A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers. “


So you’ve checked out some patterns (No? No problem, just click here!) and you like the look of one, or dare I say, maybe two of them, but you just ain’t sure 😦 Maybe you have some questions, or maybe you would just like to know a little bit more about a Moon of Arann pattern & what to expect when you download or purchase one. No problem, I hear you, and might I say I respect your top notch decision making skills πŸ™‚ If you have any questions simply click here to submit them to me and if you would like to know what to expect from a Moon of Arann pattern, well, read on dear friends, read on!

As with most things in life, there are some basic requirements that every Moon of Arann pattern must have;


1. Clarity & accuracy of instruction.

Forget the bells and whistles, what good is a pattern if the basic instructions are not there, or worse still, not right. Every pattern I produce is checked, and checked and checked again, and them maybe, checked again! I also try to explain things in the most straight forward, simple way that I can. However, if you don’t find the instructions straight forward, or heaven forbid, find an error in the pattern (I am only human after all) then please do not hesitate to contact me (click here) and I will endeavor to assist you & clean up the matter a.s.a.p. Kinda have a question but not sure if you should ask or not? By all means ask! There is no such thing as a silly question πŸ™‚

2. Clarity of Photographs.

Each Moon of Arann pattern comes full of step by step photos, along with clear finished piece shots. I aim to provide sufficient and concise photos for each stage of the piece, but without overwhelming the document with excess pics. Balance is key! With each pattern I design and publish I aim to constantly improve my photography skills, giving you the best possible quality every time. Patterns are made available as a pdf download, so remember, to get the most out of the photos, choose a good quality print setting on your printer πŸ™‚Β  Not sure of a skill called for in a pattern? No problem, click here for a full list of written & photo tutorials of all the skills needed for every Moon of Arann design.

3. The Bells & Whistles! (the extras!)

What is life without a little sparkle? For that matter, what is a crochet pattern without a little sparkle?! In every Moon of Arann pattern I try to include as much sparkle as possible! Fun Facts, handy templates and more, all add to the enjoyment of making the piece, and you never know, you might even learn something new too! Every Moon of Arann character has it’s own back story & you can keep up to date on all their activities by reading their blog (here) or seeing what they have been up to on social media (here). A badger, on social media?! Why not! You can also read all about Arann and what makes it so darn special here! Want to share your creation or see other peoples? Use the #moonofaranncrochet so we can all connect and share the crocheted greatness πŸ™‚

Here are some sample pages to illustrate all of the above!

Sample Page 1

Sample Page 2

Sample Page 3

Happy crocheting πŸ™‚