What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts | Top Crochet Pattern Blog

Hello and Happy Monday to you πŸ™‚ Christmas is fast approaching, so today I have brought you courtesy of www.topcrochetpatterns.com a survival guide if you will, for receiving handmade gifts this festive season πŸ™‚

The big day has arrived, everyone’s settled round the Christmas tree and you’ve just handed cousin Marie a beautiful package containing a precious handmade blanket that you’ve spent months planning and preparing. She opens it slowly and pulls it out of the wrapping. Now, the moment that every crafter dreads…what will her reaction be? Below you’ll find the top 5 things that you should NEVER say after opening a handmade gift. Ever experienced any of these awful misdemeanours? You have our deepest sympathy, and we whole-heartedly recommend you restrict your giving of beautiful handmade items to people you know will truly appreciate it!

Source: What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts | Top Crochet Pattern Blog


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