How to change colour in Double Crochet!

Colour Changes


Howdy folks, and how does this fine Friday find you? Well I hope 🙂 This week I have been working on my latest project….and what is that latest project I hear you ask? Well I can’t tell you 😦 But…I can tell you that it involves a lot of colour (color) changes! So I figured now would be just a super time to do a quick little post all about how to change colour when working in the round in double / single crochet. Off we go! Continue reading

Crochet + Sunshine!

Crochet Bunny EarsHowdy! Happy Friday to you 🙂 Here in Ireland we have been enjoying a couple of weeks of glorious Spring sunshine, and if you have ever lived in, or even visited Ireland, you will understand why Irish people in general get so happy about “a fine spell of dry weather” aka some sunshine 🙂 I am one of those people! So I have been trying to make the most of the sunshine and also try and be somewhat productive at the same time! It’s all about multitasking people! Continue reading

Baby it’s cold outside!

That song has been stuck in my head for the past two days, thankfully I like it! Hello!!! Happy Friday to you! How was your week? This week was a somewhat productive one for me….yay! The weather is turning cold here now, so I was glad to be working on something that will be functional and appropriate….may I present to you Continue reading

Foxy Friday!

Hello! Happy Friday to you all! Are you looking forward to your weekend? This week I have spent some time working on one of two projects I am currently developing at the moment; FoxGloves 🙂 A fingerless crochet glove, with a fox motif and it. Hopefully as time progress’s my naming skills will improve! The nature of this project requires working with tapestry crochet, a process which I am not mad about, but when done properly can produce some pretty nifty designs. Continue reading

I’m back!

Hello! Happy November! Happy Monday! Happy happy 🙂 I have been away for a week; I was ill 😦 Nothing serious, but I needed to take some time out to rest, and now I’m back….*sings* To let you know  I can really shake ’em down.…. Continue reading

Moving on!

Hey there, Happy Friday 🙂 Hope you had a good week 🙂

This week I have been working on my previously mentioned design for my first ever shawl / poncho / wrap design. You can read all about it here. I’ll wait for you to read it  …. Are you back? Super 🙂 So where was I? Ah yes, good news!!! Continue reading

Autumn Cleaning!

Hello!  Happy Monday, how was your weekend? Yesterday I spent my Sunday giving my bedroom a thorough cleaning. I keep wanting to say “Spring Cleaning” but that would imply that I am either really early or really late, so I have decided to stick with “Autumn Cleaning” for now! Same concept either way!Feet

I love this time of year, and yesterday Continue reading

Being Open!

Hello! Happy Friday to you 🙂 This week I have been working on an idea that I had last weekend; my very first shawl / poncho / wrap design! (I haven’t finalised the details yet) My initial design has lead me to learning and pretty much falling in love with a new area of crochet….Open Work! Maybe it’s because of my construction background, but I love the grid format of open work. Throw in a design and I love it even more! Continue reading

Finding the New

First TimeI saw these words a couple of weeks ago and they have stayed with me. But I am being rude, forgive me; Hello! How was your weekend?! Now where was I? … Ah yes, the first time. Usually when I think of Continue reading

Being Inspired!

Hello! Happy Friday to you 🙂 How was your week? Today I would like to write a little about “Inspiration” 🙂 I am not sure why, maybe because I have been trying to deny my artistic tendencies for so long, but the topic of inspiration is one that I have never stopped to appreciate. *slap on the wrist for me* Until today! Today I had one of those light bulb moments, you probably saw the Continue reading

30th September

Hurrah!!! It’s the last day of the month and thanks to my #SmileforSeptember experiment it doesn’t feel like it was only yesterday since it was the first day! Read my musings on the experience here 🙂 So for now all that’s left to say is

30th September

27th, 28th & 29th September

#SmileforSeptember 🙂 A triple whammy today! It’s drawing near the end of the month, and I am very happy with the results of my little experiment 🙂 I now have a folder on my desktop (almost) filled with images that capture and represent every day of this month, and when I look at them I am transported back to Continue reading

Liberating my creativity!

Hey Happy Friday to you 🙂 The sun is shining here and I hope it is a sunny day (literally and/ metaphorically) wherever you may be in this big old world! So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about where I fit into the world of crochet. Everyday I am Continue reading