15th September / My new toy!

Hello! Happy Monday to you all πŸ™‚ Today I am once again combining my daily #SmileForSeptember post with my usual Monday post, and the topic of this post??? ….*drum-roll please* my new Nikon D3200 camera πŸ™‚ *pauses for all the ooohhhs and ahhhhs!*Β 15th September

You may remember that I mentioned awhile ago that I was saving to buy a new camera, so I could take nice product images, well Continue reading


I will finish this!

Hey! Happy Friday to you πŸ™‚ It is Friday so that means a craft related post! (I can hear the cheers from here, you are all very kind!) Embroidery. That’s a fun word to say, isn’t it? Em…broi…dery. See, fun! I love embroidery. I think it is so delicate and for me always conjures up images of Continue reading

Now where did I put…..

Happy Friday! It being Friday, today I would like to quickly discuss something crafty πŸ™‚ Sound good? Okey dokey then let’s have at it!

Organizing is what you do before you doThis week I went back to the drawing board and had another crack at designing my amigurumi badger. Since coming up with the concept, I have decided to Continue reading

The Rules of Self Discipline (& why I break them all!)

Hi there! Happy Monday to you πŸ™‚ These past few weeks I have been busily working on my blog/ site and really trying hard to get myself into a routine that allows me to make the most out of my day, to be my most “productive”. Eghh, I am really starting to dislike that word. To me it has become one of those really annoying buzz words, that implies huge rewards, both personal and physical, should you master it. So I say no more!!!! Continue reading