It’s beginning to feel a lot like…..

Christmas! 🙂 Hello! Happy Monday 🙂 Bertie the Badger is getting into the Christmas spirit today and getting ready to spread some Christmas Cheer 🙂 It’s getting close now!

Bertie Christmas Amigurumi

Color Vision!

Here’s a fun little quiz for a Monday afternoon 🙂 How do you score?!

Tude! Gratitude that is!


Hi there, hey there, ho there! Happy Monday to one and all 🙂 The last Monday of September 2015, just imagine this day will never ever come again, kinda humbling right? Also kinda scary 😦 But if you are not having the best of days, then this thought might inspire gratitude rather than fear. Neat how things can be flipped around all because of a little shift in perspective, huh?! Continue reading

Autumn Cleaning!

Hello!  Happy Monday, how was your weekend? Yesterday I spent my Sunday giving my bedroom a thorough cleaning. I keep wanting to say “Spring Cleaning” but that would imply that I am either really early or really late, so I have decided to stick with “Autumn Cleaning” for now! Same concept either way!Feet

I love this time of year, and yesterday Continue reading

Being Inspired!

Hello! Happy Friday to you 🙂 How was your week? Today I would like to write a little about “Inspiration” 🙂 I am not sure why, maybe because I have been trying to deny my artistic tendencies for so long, but the topic of inspiration is one that I have never stopped to appreciate. *slap on the wrist for me* Until today! Today I had one of those light bulb moments, you probably saw the Continue reading

30th September

Hurrah!!! It’s the last day of the month and thanks to my #SmileforSeptember experiment it doesn’t feel like it was only yesterday since it was the first day! Read my musings on the experience here 🙂 So for now all that’s left to say is

30th September

27th, 28th & 29th September

#SmileforSeptember 🙂 A triple whammy today! It’s drawing near the end of the month, and I am very happy with the results of my little experiment 🙂 I now have a folder on my desktop (almost) filled with images that capture and represent every day of this month, and when I look at them I am transported back to Continue reading

Pressing Pause

Hey! Happy Monday to you 🙂 Today I want to write a little about taking time out to step back from everything. Writing from personal experience at the moment, I am beginning to understand how important just pausing and taking stock is, but yet how difficult it can be. Sometimes when we want Continue reading