Ready for his close up!

Gosh darn it, Unicorns are so vain, aren’t they? How vain are they? Well, they are so vain they probably think this song is about them 🙂 (little musical reference there!) Nelson insisted on looking through all of the photos on my camera, just to see, and approve any shots of him! Unicorn’s eh?!

Nelson the Unicorn_Crochet

27th, 28th & 29th September

#SmileforSeptember 🙂 A triple whammy today! It’s drawing near the end of the month, and I am very happy with the results of my little experiment 🙂 I now have a folder on my desktop (almost) filled with images that capture and represent every day of this month, and when I look at them I am transported back to Continue reading

8th September / Happy Monday!

Hello! I hope everyone is well after the weekend. Did you have a nice one? Today being Monday, I decided to double up my #SmileforSeptember post with my usual Monday post, lazy or efficient??? Like most things in life it all depends on your perspective I guess!

So I started posting something Continue reading

The Rules of Self Discipline (& why I break them all!)

Hi there! Happy Monday to you 🙂 These past few weeks I have been busily working on my blog/ site and really trying hard to get myself into a routine that allows me to make the most out of my day, to be my most “productive”. Eghh, I am really starting to dislike that word. To me it has become one of those really annoying buzz words, that implies huge rewards, both personal and physical, should you master it. So I say no more!!!! Continue reading

Summer sun, fun and Roses :)


Greetings 🙂 How is everyone doing today? Well I hope. It’s summer time here in Árann and that means long summer days and warm summer nights spent ambling about the woods. You may not know this about me, but I am a keen gardener and the beautiful summer roses in my garden at this time of year bring me endless amounts of joy.

On Saturday last, the 21st of June, it was one of my favorite days of the year; the Summer Solstice. It was marked here in Árann Wood by Continue reading