The Craft of Crochet & Amigurumi

“Crochet is an accessible art that comes with a license to be prolific.”

-Francine Toukou

So Heather, I hear you ask, what exactly is crochet? Well that’s a darn good question, thanks for asking it πŸ™‚

Collins English Dictionary describes crochet as a verb “to make (a piece of needlework, a garment, etc.) by looping and intertwining thread with a hooked needle.”

A hook and some yarn is all you need!Crochet is a pretty nifty craft. It is portable, it can be done with lot’s and lot’s of different materials and it can be used to make lot’s and lot’s of different items from funky cushion covers to delicate lace.

It is a craft with a history, but don’t hold that against it! The word itself is a middle French word that literally means “hook“, but the earliest form of crochet was done using the fingers. The first crochet hooks were carved from wood, then bone, and now can be bought in steel, brass and even silver. In the past crochet was purely a hobby for the rich, with the poor not being permitted to crochet, instead they could only knit to mend their torn clothes. Thankfully that as all changed and now crochet is one of the most accessible and user friendly crafts around.

Ireland in particular has a strong connection to crochet, with Irish Lace being known worldwide. Lace making was introduced into Ireland during the famine years (1845 – 1849) as a famine relief scheme. Within a few short years there were over 1500 people crocheting collars and other attire, which were then worn by royalty and became high fashion all over the world. As the years progressed the craft of crochet saw a gradual decline, but thankfully it is now making a strong comeback, and it’s scope for creativity, functionality and durability is being recognised all over again.

Finished 4 cut

Amigurumi is simply a form of crochet. The word is made up of two Japanese words; ami meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll. Amigurumi involves crocheting around in spirals to make simple shapes that can be combined and turned into magical creations! It is usually used to make cute animals but can be used to create anything your imagination desires. Amigurumi first hit the masses in 2003 and has been capturing hearts ever since πŸ™‚

Want to know more about crochet and amigurumi? You can find tutorials and top tips here and some patterns to test out your new found skills here! You can read all about me here, my design philosophy here, or if you are feeling sociable why not click here and come say hello!


Have a great day πŸ™‚